Studio Policies and Procedures: Orton Piano Studio

♪♪Shared Lessons♪♪

Students may start in individual lessons, but the goal will be to move toward shared lessons whenever possible, at teacher’s discretion, in consultation with parents.

Benefits of shared lessons:

Students learn by observing other students, resulting in a deeper level of learning.

Music is experienced naturally in a social environment rather than being an isolating endeavor.

Students become quite comfortable playing in front of others. Camaraderie and support are built in for both students and parents.

Students learn from others’ ideas and questions.

Individual lessons last 25 minutes; shared lessons are 35 to 50 minutes, depending on group size.

Please give 24 hours notice for canceling a lesson. If you are sick, stay home, and contact me as soon as possible. Make up lessons are not guaranteed.

♪♪Lessons are year round and are subject to the following holidays:♪♪

  • Spring Break
  • Week of July 4
  • Thanksgiving week
  • Two weeks at Christmas
  • Two flexible weeks off by mutual agreement with parents and teacher
  • Please commit to at least two months as you begin. Of course I hope you will continue!

♪♪Materials and Logins♪♪

Simply Music Materials

You purchase your own digital copy of all needed materials directly from Simply Music. I will provide you with a printed copy of materials to get started. Please bring your binder to your lesson every week. 
I'll provide you with information on how and what to purchase.Please save your login information.

Materials include a combination of books, audio files, and video files. Your assignments for each week may include listening to and viewing audio and video resources as part of your preparation for your lesson.

Orton Piano Studio website: 
You may set up your account here on my website, or I can set it up for you when you enroll.

With your login, you can see your lesson schedule as well as your account.


Students are expected to practice for 15-20 minutes a day, four to six days a week.  
You will be asked to keep a paper practice log and show it at your lesson.


Payment is due on the last lesson of the month for the following month.

Cash or checks are accepted.

Your account is available to view on

♪♪Practical Concerns♪♪

Please wash your hands before playing the piano.

 No food, drink, or gum during the lesson.

 Please turn off or silence your phone.

 Parents, please provide for younger siblings not to be a distraction during the lesson or class.

 Please do not arrive more than five minutes before your lesson time.

 Please be aware of parking. We have multiple vehicles and a shared driveway. Please pull forward as far as practical to make room for others in your lesson and after you.